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2015-07-24 18:09 GMT+02:00 Randy Polen <randyhaskell at>:

> Sven,
> Sorry I didn't respond here, but the first two issues are
> in the github issues list for haskell-platform, where I have
> marked them for 7.10.2 (Windows-specific)
>  * #191 haddock hard-coded path
> * #189 WARNING: cache is out of date:...
> For the "missing documentation" issue, I assume you mean
>  your message


> is this on Windows only? [...]

Hmmm, it seems that I was just confused by the directory layout:

 * file:///C:/Program%20Files/Haskell%20Platform/7.10.2/doc/html/libraries/index.html:
This seems to be the documentation for some of the packages shipped with
GHC, but I've got no clue why it is only a subset of those. As it is, this
index is basically useless and should either be fixed or left out. On
Linux, this index is located at

 * file:///C:/Program%20Files/Haskell%20Platform/7.10.2/lib/extralibs/doc/index.html:
This seems to be the documentation for all packages in the HP, I didn't
find that one previously. A tiny nit: This index is missing the rightmost
column (mentioning the package the corresponding module is in) for the
packages not directly shipped with GHC (i.e. all "true" HP packages).  On
Linux, this index is located at

   * The directory structure for the documentation on Linux is
fundamentally different than the one on Windows, which doesn't really help
when trying to figure out things. :-/

So in a nutshell: Things are quite confusing here, but nothing is really
broken. Hopefully Haddock will install new packages into the right location
out of the box, this could not be tested due to the other bug. Nevertheless
it would be nice if things could be unified a bit between platforms and all
modules get a package comment in the right column.
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