final path to 7.10.2...

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Sorry I didn't respond here, but the first two issues are
in the github issues list for haskell-platform, where I have
marked them for 7.10.2 (Windows-specific)

 * #191 haddock hard-coded path
* #189 WARNING: cache is out of date:...

For the "missing documentation" issue, I assume you mean
 your message

is this on Windows only?  On Windows, my install seems to
correctly create html links from within an HP-specified package
to the ghc-specified packages that come with it (e.g., a link to the
IO will take me to its doc in base).  Can you help me understand this
one a bit more, please?
> Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 14:23:49 +0200 
> Subject: Re: final path to 7.10.2... 
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> 2015-07-22 13:40 GMT+02:00 Mark Lentczner 
> <mark.lentczner at<mailto:mark.lentczner at>>: 
> [...] Please ensure there the library versions are as expected. 
> The version numbers look fine from my side. 
> [...] If there are any issues - now is the time! 
> What about the 3 issues I mentioned with the RC2? (package cache out of 
> date, haddock generation broken, missing documentation, see 
> and 
> I haven't seen any reply regarding those, apart from a hint how to fix 
> the package cache times when building the HP. Without those issues 
> fixed, I don't think the HP is ready for release. 
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