[haskell-platform] #198: Enable building of shared libraries in generic tarball

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Sat Jun 2 22:17:14 BST 2012

#198: Enable building of shared libraries in generic tarball
 Reporter:  dogmaT                  |       Owner:  duncan
     Type:  enhancement             |      Status:  new   
 Priority:  major                   |   Milestone:        
Component:  Generic source tarball  |    Keywords:        
 Current HP doesn't include nor it does support building shared libraries.
 When someone is starting a project using HP and needs to switch to shared
 libraries it actually becomes a roadblock.

 Lately I was installing Jenkins (continuous integration server) and had to
 have a separate HP installations. After few iterations project had to--for
 deployment reasons--switch to shared libraries. I solved this by patching
 HP's generic tarball. This approach worked not only for current version
 2011.4.0.0 but also for older 2011.2.0.x.

 Patch is included. It introduces new {{{--enable-shared}}} options for
 configure script.

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