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#108: Output semantically correct HTML
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Changes (by spl):

 * cc: leather at cs.uu.nl (added)


 The markup looks pretty nice. How would classes and instances looks?

 The style is (of course) too Googly, but I gather from your statement
 about "demonstration purposes" that this is not permanent.

 Here's one thing that's always bothered me and made it confusing for me to
 find what I was looking for. The Synopsis is simply a list of functions,
 classes, datatypes, etc. It is ordered by the export list, but it doesn't
 have the section headers. In many cases, it becomes a really long list
 with few breaks, and it's difficult to search by eye. I would like to see
 an improvement, though I don't yet know what the best one is. Perhaps
 adding section headers to the list would be enough. Perhaps alphabetizing
 it. Perhaps breaking it into sections for datatypes, classes, values.
 Thoughts on this?

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