Is anyone using Haddock's support for frames?

Tristan Allwood tora at
Wed May 5 05:34:41 EDT 2010

+1 to keep it until equivalent functionality is made mainline

I've had aliased to the main frame page
( and
used it extensively on a daily basis for GHC libraries and GHC API
browsing.  Navigating the current non-framed, disparate, seperate
documetation feels painful and slow.  I would note though that the
frames pages arn't currently working on hackage:

BTW, I would point out the two best documentation systems I've seen in
other languages (javadoc[1] and rubydock[2]) are frame based and (IMO)
very easy to navigate.




On Tue, May 04, 2010 at 08:19:45PM +0200, David Waern wrote:
> Hi
> Since version 2.4.0 Haddock has generated HTML output that uses frames
> (index-frames.html) in addition to the normal output. We'd like to
> deprecate this feature unless there is a significant amount of users.
> The reason is two-fold:
>   * We probably want to replace the frames with something more modern
> (like a sidebar on the same page) in the future
>   * We are rewriting the HTML backend and it would be nice to avoid
> unnecessary work
> So if you're using this feature and want to keep it, please speak up!
> cc:ing cvs-ghc@ in case they have any users of the frames due to the
> size of the GHC code base. (This might have been the the original
> motivation for the feature).
> Thanks,
> David
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