[Haddock] first post-survey version

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 06:58:11 EDT 2010

On 15/08/2010 17:19, Mark Lentczner wrote:
> Here is my latest version for viewing:
>     http://www.ozonehouse.com/mark/snap-xhtml/
> You'll notice that I've started including the containers package in
> there for comparison.
> Things changed in this version:
>     • Completely redone font sizing, following the sage advice of A List
>     Apart and the browser workarounds from the YUI 3. This should be
>     "industry best practices" and matches what the "big boys" do. I
>     admit, the main font size got a touch smaller. Every thing has been
>     tweaked to be much more consistent, and is sized to match what
>     "heavy hitters" in on-line documentation do.

The body text looks fine, but the font size in type signatures and 
declarations looks a bit big to me.

>     • Synopsis drawer layout issues seem fixed. It works on both FireFox
>     and Chrome on my Mac, and in every browser I tested via BrowserShots(*).

Looks ok here.  Though I agree with the people who are saying that a 
pane on the left would be better than the slide-out synopsis.

>     • Some more white space between declarations (it had somehow gotten
>     to only 0.5em!)

This is an improvement, declarations look separate from each other now, 
rather than like an interleaved sequence of headings and documentation. 
  However I think we should have a bit more vertical space between a 
plain paragraph and a declaration (see e.g. the beginning of the "Hook 
functions" section in Text.Templating.Heist).

In the contents page, clicking on a module still performs two actions 
simultaneously: expand/collapse and open.


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