[Haddock] first post-survey version

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 15:45:20 EDT 2010


Looks great Mark. I think I will use the frames version from now on.

> Some more white space between declarations (it had somehow gotten to only

I think that one was by design. Note that you're now using different bottom
margin for <p> and <pre> making the distance to the next heading vary.

I agree with David that the ToC and the "portability box" look a bit small
now. I like the font size otherwise.

* Would it make sense to not show the synopsis in the frames version since
most of it is replicated to the left?

* What do you think about using the same text size for the type signatures
(in the grey boxes) as for the rest of the text, but with the bold font
(like now) to make it stand out? The headings look kind of big and don't
look as sharp (as in non-blurry) as the body text on my Mac. Scala uses the
same size for the type signatures as for the body text:


(The monospace font makes the headings look slightly larger even when using
the same text size, which makes them stand out a little).

* Perhaps the ToC tab could use the same color as the ToC background to
reduce the number of colors we use on the page (my UI designers at work
always advice me to keep the number of colors down).

Keep up the good work!

-- Johan
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