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Tue Aug 10 07:41:46 EDT 2010

The survey gave me some great feedback and information about usage, but didn't give a clear consensus opinion of what to do with the synopsis. However, 70% like the drawer in some form. Of those 2/3rds like the "mini" style synopsis. Since 20% want the full-synopsis in-line, that makes is more of an even split for which style.  However, many people didn't even realize there was a frames view, and that view contains the "mini" synopsis in a pane on the left, and so is available. Hence, I'm going to do this:

-- leave synopsis in current form (no headings, full types)
-- leave synopsis in drawer - but put it there via javascript (so if no javascript, it is in-line)
-- add frames button to open current page in frames mode (will require some js in frames.html to retain current page)
-- add no-frames button to return to non-frames version
-- small fixes to frames mode
    -- place-holder text when bottom right pane is blank
    -- font size tweaks to mini views
    -- better heading on module list view (use package name if available)
-- small fixes to synopsis drawer
    -- fix layout issues in firefox and chrome
    -- close arrows on tab when expanded
    -- let width expand as much as needed
    -- improve the js for expand/collapse

It's a compromise, but I think will give almost everyone approximately what they want. And for the reset... there is always "Classic".

	- Mark

Mark Lentczner
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