[Haddock] synopsis design proposal

David Waern david.waern at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 06:51:11 EDT 2010

2010/8/10 Mark Lentczner <markl at glyphic.com>:
> The survey gave me some great feedback and information about usage, but
> didn't give a clear consensus opinion of what to do with the synopsis.
> However, 70% like the drawer in some form. Of those 2/3rds like the "mini"
> style synopsis. Since 20% want the full-synopsis in-line, that makes is more
> of an even split for which style.  However, many people didn't even realize
> there was a frames view, and that view contains the "mini" synopsis in a
> pane on the left, and so is available. Hence, I'm going to do this:
> -- leave synopsis in current form (no headings, full types)
> -- leave synopsis in drawer - but put it there via javascript (so if no
> javascript, it is in-line)
> -- add frames button to open current page in frames mode (will require some
> js in frames.html to retain current page)
> -- add no-frames button to return to non-frames version
> -- small fixes to frames mode
>     -- place-holder text when bottom right pane is blank
>     -- font size tweaks to mini views
>     -- better heading on module list view (use package name if available)
> -- small fixes to synopsis drawer
>     -- fix layout issues in firefox and chrome
>     -- close arrows on tab when expanded
>     -- let width expand as much as needed
>     -- improve the js for expand/collapse
> It's a compromise, but I think will give almost everyone approximately what
> they want. And for the reset... there is always "Classic".

I'm OK with this.

I'm still sceptical of the drawer, but I'm not against the synopsis
per se, just the floating button. I'm with Johan and prefer a
python-style left side menu. However if so many people like the
drawer, I think it's fine to include it. It's what we have now, and in
the future other styles may appear and the default may change.

One thing though, why don't we add headings to the synopsis when in
the drawer? It makes it more readable, IMO.

I like the frames button and that you've touched up the frames mode.
Curious to see the final result.


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