[haddock] #141: Hyperlinking does not work for =: or #!

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Tue Aug 10 05:37:46 EDT 2010

#141: Hyperlinking does not work for =: or #!
Reporter:  Astra   |       Owner:                    
    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new               
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 Version:  2.6.0   |    Keywords:  hyperlink operator
 I'm writing a package which defines the infix operators `=:`, `#!` and
 `#!!`. However, I'm unable to generate hyperlinks to these operators. I
 have tried `'=:'`, `'#!'`, `'#!!'`, {{{`=:'}}}, `'(=:)'`, {{{`(=:)'}}},
 `'Fully.Qualified.=:'` etc., but nothing seems to work.

 I instead get the `'=:'` verbatim, with quotes included in the resulting
 HTML. Hyperlinking to all other operators, even operators also starting
 with = or #, seems to work just fine with the `'=:'` syntax.

 I have tried this both in the module that defines the operator in
 question, and in an another module that imports that module. The
 hyperlinks aren't generated in either case.

 I have tested this with both Haddock 2.6.1 (the one in the newest Haskell
 Platform) and Haddock 2.7.2 (the cabal-installable one), and the
 hyperlinks don't work with either.

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