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Guillaume Hoffmann guillaumh at
Mon Aug 15 20:49:42 BST 2011

Hi Maris,

thanks for your interest in camp and darcs!

Your intuition about patches only modifying one file at once resulting
in independent "branches" is correct. Note that it can be more that
one "branch" per file, since patches modifying different lines of a
file can be considered as independent, hence being part of different

I'm not sure about the current status of the development of camp (the
last patch in the public repository is from end of 2010), but camp is
not recommended for end-users as of now, while darcs is already used
by end-users and its development is still active.

You are not the first to ask a similar gui-based dependency viewer for
darcs, but I'm not aware of anyone working on such one. It is correct
to say that such a viewer is technically possible for darcs as it is
for camp.

So, to summarize:

> - Does darcs also offer this specific Camp feature or not?

As of now, no.

> - When yes: what about visual patch representation?
> - When no to one of both questions: what about Camp testing?
> - How's the future of both Camp and darcs to being estimated? At least darcs
> seems to lose momentum. And Camp also looks not very active...

Darcs' activity, as a project, is calmer since a few months, however
we currently have 2 summer-of-code projects going on until late
august. Have a look at for the latest news,
and don't hesitate to ask also on the darcs-users mailing list (which
I added as CC of this message).


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