camp demo video

Maris maris.rob at
Mon Aug 15 19:55:43 BST 2011

I watched the video where the way the "history" of a single file is shown  
becomes apparent, compared in this case to git.

It is this sort of patch representation that would fit wonderfully to my  
proposed application: maintaining all what is related to libraries of  
modules that are stored as plain text files. The subject here is a CAD's  
component library, where collections of components are stored in larger  
per-category files (here: KiCad). Camp would - if I interpret it correcly  
- show changes in each individually changed text snippet as separate lines  
in "history", like branches do in git & mercurial (two systems I'm  
familiar with). Camp allows me to simply track changes to any single  
module in a library file (I hope), instead of inspecting commits that  
contain the proper keywords of the component being changed.

Since Camp isn't mature yet, I checked out darcs. But I don't find a  
GUI-based history viewer out there, as the simple one shown in the video.  
BTW: Although the concepts of both systems are comparable, darcs would  
probably not represent file changes the way the video shows. I did not  
check it, since there are no active browsers out there. Only outdated  
ones. Or am I wrong?

No downloads are offered on the Camp site. I'd be interested in some  

The library system I'm going to maintain with a DVCS puts no big demands  
on maturity of the VCS systems, since each individual libraryfile is  
completely independent from other files, so a usage with a system under  
development is viable.

But first things first:
- Does darcs also offer this specific Camp feature or not?
- When yes: what about visual patch representation?
- When no to one of both questions: what about Camp testing?
- How's the future of both Camp and darcs to being estimated? At least  
darcs seems to lose momentum. And Camp also looks not very active...

Thanks for attending!


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