hopencl-0.2.0: Haskell bindings for OpenCL

Portabilitynon-portable (GHC extensions)
MaintainerMartin Dybdal <dybber@dybber.dk>



Synchronization of command queues. See also Foreign.OpenCL.Bindings.Event.waitForEvents.



enqueueBarrier :: CommandQueue -> IO ()

Enqueues a barrier. This is a synchronization point, that ensures that all commands enqueued to the queue is completed before any commands after the barrier is started. This is only useful when using an out-of-order command queue.

enqueueMarker :: CommandQueue -> IO Event

Enqueues a marker into a command queue. This returns an Event which can be waited on, and will be fired as soon as all actions enqueued before the marker has been completed.

enqueueWaitForEvents :: CommandQueue -> [Event] -> IO ()

Enqueues a wait for a specific event or a list of events to complete before any future commands queued in the command-queue are executed.

finish :: CommandQueue -> IO ()

Blocks until all previously queued OpenCL commands in command_queue are issued to the associated device and have completed. finish does not return until all queued commands in command_queue have been processed and completed. finish is also a synchronization point.