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Class Hierarchy

The base class of the Gtk+ type hierarchy.

  • Each widget is a represented as a purely abstract data type. It can only be accessed through and the special access functions that are defined in each widget file.
data Object
class GObjectClass o => ObjectClass o
castToObject :: GObjectClass obj => obj -> Object
toObject :: ObjectClass o => o -> Object
makeNewObject :: ObjectClass obj => (ForeignPtr obj -> obj) -> IO (Ptr obj) -> IO obj
Object is the base class for all widgets, and for a few non-widget objects such as Adjustment. Object predates GObject; non-widgets that derive from Object rather than GObject do so for backward compatibility reasons.
Class Hierarchy
 |  GObject
 |   +----Object
 |         +----Widget
 |         +----Adjustment
 |         +----CellRenderer
 |         +----FileFilter
 |         +----ItemFactory
 |         +----Tooltips
 |         +----TreeViewColumn
data Object
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class GObjectClass o => ObjectClass o
show/hide Instances
ObjectClass AboutDialog
ObjectClass AccelLabel
ObjectClass Adjustment
ObjectClass Alignment
ObjectClass Arrow
ObjectClass AspectFrame
ObjectClass Bin
ObjectClass Box
ObjectClass Button
ObjectClass ButtonBox
ObjectClass CList
ObjectClass CTree
ObjectClass Calendar
ObjectClass CellEditable
ObjectClass CellRenderer
ObjectClass CellRendererCombo
ObjectClass CellRendererPixbuf
ObjectClass CellRendererProgress
ObjectClass CellRendererText
ObjectClass CellRendererToggle
ObjectClass CellView
ObjectClass CheckButton
ObjectClass CheckMenuItem
ObjectClass ColorButton
ObjectClass ColorSelection
ObjectClass ColorSelectionDialog
ObjectClass Combo
ObjectClass ComboBox
ObjectClass ComboBoxEntry
ObjectClass Container
ObjectClass Dialog
ObjectClass DrawingArea
ObjectClass Entry
ObjectClass EventBox
ObjectClass Expander
ObjectClass FileChooserButton
ObjectClass FileChooserDialog
ObjectClass FileChooserWidget
ObjectClass FileFilter
ObjectClass FileSelection
ObjectClass Fixed
ObjectClass FontButton
ObjectClass FontSelection
ObjectClass FontSelectionDialog
ObjectClass Frame
ObjectClass GLDrawingArea
ObjectClass HBox
ObjectClass HButtonBox
ObjectClass HPaned
ObjectClass HRuler
ObjectClass HScale
ObjectClass HScrollbar
ObjectClass HSeparator
ObjectClass HandleBox
ObjectClass IMContext
ObjectClass IMMulticontext
ObjectClass IconView
ObjectClass Image
ObjectClass ImageMenuItem
ObjectClass InputDialog
ObjectClass Invisible
ObjectClass Item
ObjectClass ItemFactory
ObjectClass Label
ObjectClass Layout
ObjectClass List
ObjectClass ListItem
ObjectClass Menu
ObjectClass MenuBar
ObjectClass MenuItem
ObjectClass MenuShell
ObjectClass MenuToolButton
ObjectClass MessageDialog
ObjectClass Misc
ObjectClass MozEmbed
ObjectClass Notebook
ObjectClass Object
ObjectClass OptionMenu
ObjectClass Paned
ObjectClass Plug
ObjectClass Preview
ObjectClass ProgressBar
ObjectClass RadioButton
ObjectClass RadioMenuItem
ObjectClass RadioToolButton
ObjectClass Range
ObjectClass Ruler
ObjectClass Scale
ObjectClass Scrollbar
ObjectClass ScrolledWindow
ObjectClass Separator
ObjectClass SeparatorMenuItem
ObjectClass SeparatorToolItem
ObjectClass Socket
ObjectClass SourceView
ObjectClass SpinButton
ObjectClass Statusbar
ObjectClass Table
ObjectClass TearoffMenuItem
ObjectClass TextView
ObjectClass TipsQuery
ObjectClass ToggleButton
ObjectClass ToggleToolButton
ObjectClass ToolButton
ObjectClass ToolItem
ObjectClass Toolbar
ObjectClass Tooltips
ObjectClass TreeView
ObjectClass TreeViewColumn
ObjectClass VBox
ObjectClass VButtonBox
ObjectClass VPaned
ObjectClass VRuler
ObjectClass VScale
ObjectClass VScrollbar
ObjectClass VSeparator
ObjectClass Viewport
ObjectClass Widget
ObjectClass Window
castToObject :: GObjectClass obj => obj -> Object
toObject :: ObjectClass o => o -> Object
makeNewObject :: ObjectClass obj => (ForeignPtr obj -> obj) -> IO (Ptr obj) -> IO obj
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