Improving the 'Get Haskell Experience'

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Mon Jul 20 18:29:27 BST 2015

2015-07-20 16:50 GMT+02:00 Doug McIlroy <doug at>:

> While "Improving the 'Get Haskell Experience'" is up for discussion,
> I'd like again to ask for a way to circumvent hscolour at Hackage/Hayoo,
> which offer to serve up Haskell "source".

I think it has nothing to do with HsColour per se, but with the content
type: The source pages are served as "text/html", so downloading the raw
contents simply by "Save as..." won't get you the pure Haskell sources.
Copy-n-paste works perfectly though, what's your concrete problem with that?

> Unfortunately the source one gets from H/H is decorated like a ransom
> note and cannot be fed to a compiler or editor. This is silly--to have
> source at one's fingertips and not be able to use it.

I think we disagree on the intended use case: For you it's downloading the
source, for me it's having a quick look at the implementation, and for the
latter use case I really, really prefer some kind of syntax highlighting.

> (It is also unkind
> to people like me who grew up reading monochrome text and find spattered
> color to be distracting.)

Serving the stuff in monochrome is unkind to people who are used to syntax
highlighting, which I guess is most people nowadays. Even my beloved Emacs
can do this for more than 2 decades... ;-)

More seriously: I'm -1 on serving raw text, this is what the corresponding
repositories are for, the linked pages are meant to be read by humans. And
there's always copy-n-paste, the other way round would be tricky. :-D
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