Announce: Haskell Platform 2012.2.0.0

Jens Petersen juhpetersen at
Wed Jun 6 03:36:05 BST 2012

On 4 June 2012 01:24, Mark Lentczner <mark.lentczner at> wrote:
> We're pleased to announce the next release of Haskell Platform:
> a single, standard Haskell distribution for everyone.


I finally managed to get my new monolithic Fedora build with
subpackaging working.
Haskell Platform might be the hardest package I have ever subpackaged...
Then again I don't think anyone else subpackages ghc fully?

The build takes about 20 minutes but that is still a lot faster
then building all the packages individually in the buildsystem.

My hope is that using the monolithic package will make
it easier to bootstrap for ghc updates and to test and experiment
with HP in the future.  But I still haven't made a final decision
yet on changing Fedora 18 to use the single source package.

The binary packages are available at
or you can rebuild the src rpm locally if you wish to test it.


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