[haskell-platform] #60: Set up Platform Committee to decide Add/Remove decisions

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at aedion.de
Fri Jun 12 09:29:35 EDT 2009

Just a small remark here: The Platform Committee should seriously take the 
main goal of the HP into consideration, i.e. providing a 1-click-installation 
resulting in a compiler and tools plus a nice, usable set of libraries for 
various platforms. Throwing out everything which might lead to trouble at 
compilation time is completely the wrong way. Having trouble (and solving it) 
is the main task of people involved in the HP! Only providing packages which 
are extremely trivial to install (like mtl or html) doesn't help the end user 
at all. Apart from the boring, mostly academic stuff end users expect shiny 
things like support for GUIs, graphics and sound. Take the HP and ask 
yourself: What applications can I program with it alone which I can show to 
friends to convince them about the usefulness of Haskell? Monad transformers 
and software transactional memory will convince only very few people, so we 
really need *more* packages in the HP, not less...


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