GUI toolkit

Sean McEligot sean.mceligot at
Wed Jun 3 14:47:12 EDT 2009

I was really hoping that haskell platform would provide and GUI 
platform. I assume GTK is the best choice, but any thing would be good. 
OK, not TK. This is something that is difficult to install, and keep up 
to date. It would open up a whole new set up applications that could be 
developed in haskell. I've been wanting to write a GUI application for a 
long time, but both on windows and Linux it is difficult and then 
eventually breaks after upgrading. Currently GTK for windows seems to be 
very version specific, and doesn't install with haskell platform. There 
are few GUI applications applications in hackage and they can't be 
installed with cabal without a bunch of manual setup. I know this is 
late in the game, but I just thought I'd bring it up.

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