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Hello Simon,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 10:31:45 PM, you wrote:

> Gregory Collins wrote:
>> I agree, it'd be great to get some feedback on that (tumbleweeds so
>> far..) so I can prepare a final package.

> There's a preview ? I missed that, and so do my google searches. I'll try it if you post it..

his message:

Hi all,

After months of intense frustration I have something approaching a
reasonable OSX installer for the Haskell Platform. I'd appreciate it if
some OSX hackers could try it out.

The installer can be downloaded from:

Please do me a favour and don't link there from the haskell platform
website :)


  * it presupposes GHC-6.10.3 is installed from the binary distro. The
    final release will bundle the two together in a .dmg file.

  * it installs the platform libraries and executables to
    /Library/Framework/HaskellPlatform.framework, registers the
    libraries with GHC, and symlinks the binaries to /usr/local/bin

  * I had to build the distro package by hand using Apple's GUI tool
    because I can't figure out how to do it otherwise -- and not for
    lack of trying, either, I reckon I've put 20-30 man-hours into
    trying to figure it out -- thanks Apple! Similarly, for the life of
    me I cannot figure out how to bundle GHC and the platform libs
    together into one installer.

  * There's some haddock documentation in there but I'm not sure how
    nicely it's cross-linked.

  * The code is a mess, I need to clean it up (and systematize the
    process) before it's fit for inclusion into the project.

  * I've done some (very) limited testing but given how difficult the
    whole project has been, I fully expect problems.

Sorry about how long it's taken -- I'm getting married on Saturday (!)
so finding time to work on this has been difficult indeed.

Gregory Collins <greg at>

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