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#72: Wiki-like interface
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Comment(by igloo):

 From http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/1064 :

 It would be great if Haddock generated web pages that allowed '''users'''
 to add commentary to the documentation.   That would make it much more
 interactive.  The PHP manual does this, to good effect

 In fact, Haddock already supports something like this.  It has a flag that
 adds a Wiki link to every function definition; users can click on the link
 to get to a Wiki page that they can then add material to.  But it's not

  * Most of the Wiki links will be empty, but there's no way to tell that
 when looking at the link.  It'd be better to highlight populated links
  * The library author may want to look at all the comments for a module,
 with a view to enhancing the Haddock docs; but it would be unbearably
 tedious to go through them all one by one.
  * There is no place for overall comments

 There is real potential here, but it needs someone to think about it, and
 implement something a bit better.

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