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Sat Jul 24 02:58:07 EDT 2010

New version up:

Don't forget to peek at the frames version:

New: Slide out Synopsis! Check out the yellow bar on right... move your mouse over it. Is it...
a) lovely! keep it!
b) it would nice *if* it were the same sort of synopsis as the "mini" view (load the frames page, click on a module, look at the lower left pane: Notice that this synopsis view is somewhat different than the one in the main page for a module.
c) hideous - just banish it already

> [Contents font size] Yes, I think 80% is best.

> Hm, I'd like to play around with that some more.  Table really don't
> work too well with the GHC API.  At the very least we should not use
> tables for record fields.
Done for fields. Look at data Cookie on the Snap.Types page. I've left arguments, instances and constructors as tables. Of those, I think only Constructors is a candidate for this dl list treatment... but I'm not sure.

> * I think it would look better if the package header was full width.
> That is, remove "margin: 0 auto" from the body and move it to
> #content.
Done. Took quite a bit of tweaking to get it to look right - lining up the header text with the content text... but done!

> * Hide the "Arguments" heading.  I think it was suggested by Simon on IRC.

Done: Style menu tweaked to look better and not overlap the the Style button itself when open.

> [Codeblocks] Why not have a 1em margin both right and left? ... Ugh, no, 4em is too much.  Wouldn't 2em be enough?

As for code blocks, I'm still liking the way they are at present which is at 3em(*). They now have overflow:auto on them so they sprout scroll bars as needed. The 1em margins just created this ziggurat effect on the left margin - very ugly. 2em didn't help much. I tried to match what I found in technical books (like O'Rielly, etc..) On the web, for docs where the pages were clearly designed the common practice is to have no indented margins.

(* The right is 5em, but because the text blocks are rag-right, this looks like about 3em from the optical right edge.)

	- Mark

Mark Lentczner
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