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Fri Jul 23 19:54:01 EDT 2010

On 23 July 2010 20:21, Mark Lentczner <markl at> wrote:
> • increases the margin between paragraphs to 1em
> - done
> • Indenting the blocks under the headings. I feel like this gives
> better grouping
> - I put the css in for this, but left it commented out. Now that there is
> more space above the section headers (see item below), I think the grouping
> is clear. I prefer this way, with just two levels of left margin for the
> bulk of the page, rather than the more jagged three. Just uncomment the two
> items in the "Left Margin" section of the css to play with it.
> • floating ToC box appear below the main heading
> - done. But - I still sort of liked it overlapping into the title area -
> otherwise there is just a big white space there.  At least until it is
> filled with the "info" box.
> • put space between the +/- button and the module name
> - done, added for all +/- buttons

> • increase the font size in the module contents
> - done - now at 75% -- may have to be 80%

Yes, I think 80% is best.

> • maybe remove the external margins on the code blocks
> - either that or pull them in even more... which is what I did. The original
> little indent made them look like just a ragged edge. Removing the margin,
> because they are colored, made them look, to my eye, overwhelming - and the
> text still didn't line up due to the interior padding (needed on a colored
> background block). So, see if you like them pulled in more.

Why not have a 1em margin both right and left?  Also we should set
overflow:auto for pre elements (this adds a scroll bar if the text is
too wide instead of putting the text outside the coloured area)

> • the section headings don't stand out *quite* enough.  Maybe a bit more
> vertical space
> - added more vertical space - lots more! - it looks gooooooood!

Ugh, no, 4em is too much.  Wouldn't 2em be enough?

> • make it possible to click on "Instances" to show/hide the instances
> - on the to to do list
> • other changes
> - info block now styled
> - removed grey blocks behind Constructors and Methods -- see what you think
> - I tried the def list layout and, er, well, it doesn't look too good... The
> code and css is all in - I'll try to post an example. current code is back
> to tables

Hm, I'd like to play around with that some more.  Table really don't
work too well with the GHC API.  At the very least we should not use
tables for record fields.  For function arguments it might be fine --
their documentation is usually better kept in the function
description.  But ugly layout of record field description encourages
to write less even when more info would be a good idea.

* I think it would look better if the package header was full width.
That is, remove "margin: 0 auto" from the body and move it to

* Hide the "Arguments" heading.  I think it was suggested by Simon on IRC.

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> - Mark
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