Preview of XHTML, CSS style-able Haddock output

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Tue Jul 20 05:34:16 EDT 2010

Hi Mark,

I've attached a patch that improves (in my opinion on the Tibbe stylesheet).

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 10:34 AM, Simon Marlow <marlowsd at> wrote:

> On 19/07/2010 08:22, Mark Lentczner wrote:
>> Friends -
>> Take a gander at:
>>    -single page
>> version- or
>> -frame version-
>> Notice the style switcher menu on the top right... :-) Now poke
>> around those pages...
>> I've completely revamped the backend over the last few months and now
>> it produces 100% validating XHTML with "semantic markup". All styling
>> is done in the CSS. This makes the pages smaller, style-able, and
>> quite a bit more scrape-able.
>> For the Tibbe and Snappy themes, I cribbed from Johan's example page
>> in Trac #108, and from the Snap web site. You should be able to
>> easily grab the css and see how they are put together and start
>> playing with them or a create a new theme if you want.
>> Looking forward to finding out what you think.
> I think the semantic markup approach is wonderful.  Some thoughts about the
> styles themselves:
>  - like the smaller fonts in Tibbe, but I prefer to use
>   monospaced font for code
>  - like the contents from Tibbe
>  - Tibbe: underlining links in code is too busy, and where
>   they aren't underlined the blue is too bright

I've tried to decrease amount of bold and blue on the page. We tend to
hyperlink to much in Haskell documentation. The Java documentation style
guide encourages documentation writes to hyperlink identifiers sparingly
(e.g. on first mention).

>  - Both: hide the synoposis by default


>  - Tibbe: I like the outlined code blocks, but would prefer
>   the type signatures etc. to have a different-coloured background,
>   I think it helps to visually grok the page more quickly.

I removed the background color for type signatures altogether and added some
bold to the function/type name to make it stand out more.

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