removing --html-help options

David Waern david.waern at
Mon Jul 19 12:02:28 EDT 2010

2010/7/19 Simon Marlow <marlowsd at>:
> On 18/07/2010 17:27, Mark Lentczner wrote:
>> I propose to pull out the HH and HH2 stuff, since while I'm refactoring code, I keep running into functions called by the commented out code in there. I don't like refactoring commented out code - you really have no idea if it is going to work someday!
>> If no one uses the devhelp, perhaps we should pull that out too.
> At one stage it worked and generated output that could be used with MS
> help on windows, the main advantage being that it gave you a nice
> collapsible contents and an index.  As far as I know we haven't used it
> for a long time though.  I wouldn't object to dropping it.  (no idea
> what devhelp is)

I don't object either. If someone wants to restore one of these
backends (unlikely) and needs some code to start from, we can point
him/her to the darcs history.


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