Preview of XHTML, CSS style-able Haddock output

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Mon Jul 19 04:34:46 EDT 2010

On 19/07/2010 08:22, Mark Lentczner wrote:
> Friends -
> Take a gander at:
>	-single page
> version- or
> -frame version-
> Notice the style switcher menu on the top right... :-) Now poke
> around those pages...
> I've completely revamped the backend over the last few months and now
> it produces 100% validating XHTML with "semantic markup". All styling
> is done in the CSS. This makes the pages smaller, style-able, and
> quite a bit more scrape-able.
> For the Tibbe and Snappy themes, I cribbed from Johan's example page
> in Trac #108, and from the Snap web site. You should be able to
> easily grab the css and see how they are put together and start
> playing with them or a create a new theme if you want.
> Looking forward to finding out what you think.

I think the semantic markup approach is wonderful.  Some thoughts about 
the styles themselves:

  - like the smaller fonts in Tibbe, but I prefer to use
    monospaced font for code

  - like the contents from Tibbe

  - Tibbe: underlining links in code is too busy, and where
    they aren't underlined the blue is too bright

  - Both: hide the synoposis by default

  - Tibbe: I like the outlined code blocks, but would prefer
    the type signatures etc. to have a different-coloured background,
    I think it helps to visually grok the page more quickly.

  - Snappy: section headings don't stand out quite as much as Tibbe

  - Snappy: don't like the font used for text: too bold and too serify.

  - Snappy: like the narrower page width.

  - Snappy: text in the header is too big and bold

  - Snappy: grey box around type signatures seems slightly too tall.


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