[haddock] #115: allow putting support files in a relative subdir

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Tue Jul 7 05:17:27 EDT 2009

#115: allow putting support files in a relative subdir
Reporter:  duncan       |       Owner:       
    Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new  
Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  2.5.0
 Version:  2.4.2        |    Keywords:       
 We're adding support in Cabal to maintain an index of all docs installed
 on the system. The only problem is that we are cluttering the directory
 with lots of other haddock support files.

 In the cabal config file we say
 doc-index-file: $datadir/doc/index.html
 but of course when we call haddock to make the index it generates a bunch
 of other files in the same directory. This is rather annoying in this use
 case. Yes we could have the default be something like:
 doc-index-file: $datadir/doc/haddock-index/index.html
 but since `$datadir/doc/` really is the top of the doc tree then it's nice
 to have the index live there.

 What would be ideal is if we could put the index.html file at the top but
 direct that the support files (css, gif, js) go into a subdirectory
 relative to the target.

 Specifically I'm suggesting something like:
 which would then dump the support files into the `$odir/haddock-util`. The
 references in the generated html would obviously have to use that relative
 path to the support files.

 This along with being able to suppress the frames output (#114) would make
 the Cabal haddock index more or less ideal.

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