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type ParseE = GenParser Char ()
numero :: ParseE Integer
parseOffset :: ParseE Offset
parseRange :: ParseE Range
defaultOR :: Command -> OffsetOrRange
acceptOffsetOnly :: Command -> OffsetOrRange -> ParseE ()
parseOffsetOrRange :: ParseE OffsetOrRange
rconst :: Command -> ParseE (OffsetOrRange -> ParseE Command)
parseCommand :: ParseE (OffsetOrRange -> ParseE Command)
parser :: ParseE CompleteCommand
parse :: String -> Either String CompleteCommand
type ParseE = GenParser Char ()Source
shortcut for a parser of chars with no state
numero :: ParseE IntegerSource
parse an integer number
parseOffset :: ParseE OffsetSource
parse an Offset
parseRange :: ParseE RangeSource
parse a Range
defaultOR :: Command -> OffsetOrRangeSource
defaults Offset or Range for the commands
acceptOffsetOnly :: Command -> OffsetOrRange -> ParseE ()Source
forces a failure for a command if a Range was parsed
parseOffsetOrRange :: ParseE OffsetOrRangeSource
parse an OffsetOrRange
rconst :: Command -> ParseE (OffsetOrRange -> ParseE Command)Source
helper for skipping a filter
parseCommand :: ParseE (OffsetOrRange -> ParseE Command)Source
parse a function from OffsetOrRange to a parse Command
parser :: ParseE CompleteCommandSource
parse a CompleteCommand made of an OffsetOrRange and a Command
parse :: String -> Either String CompleteCommandSource
the parser from a String to either a String representing an error or a CompleteCommand
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