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A zipped list with special cursor at the ends. In fact it handles inserting at start and appending at end where the cursor is pointing to non existing lines.
type Change a = a -> Maybe a
data Pos
= Line {
nth :: Int
| Begin
| End {
lns :: Int
data Engine
= Inside {
left :: [String]
cursor :: String
right :: [String]
| Corner {
elems :: Either [String] [String]
empty :: Engine
listIn :: [String] -> Engine
listOut :: Engine -> Maybe [String]
linen :: Int -> Engine -> Maybe [String]
line :: Engine -> Maybe String
jump :: Int -> Change Engine
ins :: [String] -> Change Engine
add :: [String] -> Change Engine
del :: Change Engine
deln :: Int -> Change Engine
end :: Change Engine
start :: Change Engine
pos :: Engine -> Pos
next :: Change Engine
prev :: Change Engine
prevn :: Int -> Change Engine
nextn :: Int -> Change Engine
rjump :: Int -> Change Engine
tillend :: Engine -> [Engine]
fwdcycle :: Engine -> [Engine]
fromstart :: Engine -> [Engine]
bwdcycle :: Engine -> [Engine]
last :: Change Engine
first :: Change Engine
isInside :: Engine -> Bool
runner :: Change Engine -> Engine -> [Engine]
type Change a = a -> Maybe aSource
represent an action, which can fail with Nothing , an index error
data Pos Source
Pos represent the position addressed in the engine
Linethe engine addresses a real line
nth :: IntThe index of the line starting from 1
Beginthe engine addresses before first line , if ever present
Endthe engine addresses after last line
lns :: IntThe number of lines in the engine
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data Engine Source
relative distance between two positions
Insidethe cursor when its pointing to a real line (eg line function doesn't fail)
left :: [String]lines before the cursor (reversed order)
cursor :: Stringaddressed line
right :: [String]lines after the cursor
Cornerthe cursor is pointing either to insert at the front of the file or append at the end of the file.
elems :: Either [String] [String]Left lines is in append mode, Right is in insert at front mode.
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empty :: EngineSource
An empty engine
listIn :: [String] -> EngineSource
An engine is isomorphic to Engine list
listOut :: Engine -> Maybe [String]Source
Extract the list from the engine
linen :: Int -> Engine -> Maybe [String]Source
Extract n lines from the position addressed
line :: Engine -> Maybe StringSource
Extract the addressed line
jump :: Int -> Change EngineSource
Possibly set the addressed line to the nth line
ins :: [String] -> Change EngineSource
Insert some lines before the addressed line
add :: [String] -> Change EngineSource
Insert some lines after the addressed line
del :: Change EngineSource
Delete the addressed line , address the next one
deln :: Int -> Change EngineSource
Delete n lines from the addressed position
end :: Change EngineSource
Address an append position
start :: Change EngineSource
Address before the first line
pos :: Engine -> PosSource
The number of the addressed line
next :: Change EngineSource
Address the next line
prev :: Change EngineSource
Address the prev line
prevn :: Int -> Change EngineSource
Jump back n lines
nextn :: Int -> Change EngineSource
Jump ahead n lines
rjump :: Int -> Change EngineSource
Jump n lines relative to the addredded line
tillend :: Engine -> [Engine]Source
Create all the engines from the addressed one to the last one
fwdcycle :: Engine -> [Engine]Source
all the next engines from the addressed next to itself , wrapping around
fromstart :: Engine -> [Engine]Source
Create all the engines from the start to the addressed one included
bwdcycle :: Engine -> [Engine]Source
all the prev engines from the addressed prev to itself , wrapping around
last :: Change EngineSource
last element if present
first :: Change EngineSource
first element if present
isInside :: Engine -> BoolSource
runner :: Change Engine -> Engine -> [Engine]Source
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