Some keybindings do not work with emacs in console

Keshav Kini keshav.kini at
Thu Jul 31 21:25:54 BST 2014

François Thiré <franth2 at> writes:
> Hi,
> I'm quite disapointed that I didn't find a correct answer for my
> problem. Indeed, I'm using emacs in console with haskell-mode. The
> problem is that some shortcuts can't be made like these ones :
> - Ctrl-c Ctrl-=
> - Ctrl-c Ctrl-.
> - Ctrl-c Ctrl-|
> And this is the case for most users using emacs in console. 
> 1)I wonder if by default it would be better if the shortcuts would be
> like 
> - Ctrl-c M-=
> - Ctrl-c M-.
> - Ctrl-c M-|
> 2) How can I change these shortcuts ? How do I find the command
> associate with these ?


First, you mention that you didn't find a correct answer for your
problem.  Did you send a mail to the list previously?  I couldn't find
any other mail from you in the gmane archive of this list.

As for C-c C-=, C-c C-., and C-c C-|, as far as I can tell, only C-c
C-. is bound in my haskell-mode (in GUI Emacs) -- it is bound to the
`haskell-mode-format-imports' function.


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