Some keybindings do not work with emacs in console

François Thiré franth2 at
Fri Jul 25 19:24:09 BST 2014


I'm quite disapointed that I didn't find a correct answer for my problem.
Indeed, I'm using emacs in console with haskell-mode. The problem is that
some shortcuts can't be made like these ones :

- Ctrl-c Ctrl-=
- Ctrl-c Ctrl-.
- Ctrl-c Ctrl-|

And this is the case for most users using emacs in console.

1)I wonder if by default it would be better if the shortcuts would be like

- Ctrl-c M-=
- Ctrl-c M-.
- Ctrl-c M-|

2) How can I change these shortcuts ? How do I find the command associate
with these ?


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