paul at paul at
Wed Aug 12 08:30:03 EDT 2009

Hi Brian,

I think the priority now is to release a version that fixes
the OpenGL compatibility thing ASAP. Otherwise it'll just stay
broken for those who upgraded.

So I'm going ahead to prepare a release. I'll ask you to take
a quick look before rolling it out just to make sure I don't
do anything stupid at the last moment.

Paul Liu

On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 11:58:27PM -0500, Brian Lewis wrote:
> On Sunday, 02.08.09 at 09:01, paul at wrote:
> > I've committed a change to make it work with both older and new
> > versions of OpenGL.
> OK, cool.
> > The issue of changing to C types makes me thinking whether we should
> > do it too at the cost of losing compatibility with 0.3. But then I
> > still prefer standard types such as Int for GLFW's API.
> Well, Sven seems to be very careful to do the correct thing, so I'm
> inclined to do it his way.
> I think we're going to have to break compatibility with 0.3 sooner or
> later anyway, so we might go ahead and do it in a big way.
> I read the Haskell versioning policy to read that we're required to have
> at least 3 numbers in our version, like a.b.c, where 'a' is the major
> version, etc.
> Sven has split StateVar into its own package. Is using StateVars in GLFW
> really helping? It seems to me we could simplify the interface a lot by
> not requiring that additional step.
> I think we can get rid of a lot of FFI clutter by using c2hs. The author
> of GLFW does not seem interested in accepting certain kinds of patches,
> so I think we should develop our own small patch to help c2hs do more
> useful work for us. The patch would do stuff like place existing GLFW
> #defines into enums.
> I would also like to make sure our function bindings and Haddock
> comments are ordered like the GLFW reference manual.
> We also discussed previously figuring out some way to make cabal compile
> the C part with optimization.
> Sorry, that's just a bunch of stuff that occurred to me off the top of
> my head.

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