paul at paul at
Sun Aug 2 09:01:37 EDT 2009

Hi Brian,

I've committed a change to make it work with both older and new versions 
of OpenGL. 

The issue of changing to C types makes me thinking whether we should
do it too at the cost of losing compatibility with 0.3. But then I 
still prefer standard types such as Int for GLFW's API. Although FFI 
recommend things like CInt, for smaller int values (which is the case 
for all values used by glfw C functions), using Int is still safe.

On the other hand, most OpenGL programs are likely to use GLint anyway,
shall we make GLFW align with the choice of OpenGL?

More suggestions are welcome!

Paul Liu

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 11:32:51AM -0500, Brian Lewis wrote:
> OpenGL seems to break GLFW. I emailed Sven, the OpenGL
> maintainer. Depending on what he does/says, we might need to upload some
> kind of temporary GLFW with more restrictive build-depends or something.

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