hopencl-0.2.0: Haskell bindings for OpenCL

Portabilitynon-portable (GHC extensions)
MaintainerMartin Dybdal <dybber@dybber.dk>



OpenCL bindings for querying a list of available platforms and information about those platforms. See section 4.1 in the OpenCL specification



getPlatformIDs :: IO [PlatformID]

Obtain a list of available OpenCL platforms.

platformProfile :: PlatformID -> IO String

OpenCL profile string. See CL_PLATFORM_PROFILE in the OpenCL specification for full documentation.

platformVersion :: PlatformID -> IO String

OpenCL version string. See CL_PLATFORM_VERSION in the OpenCL specification for full documentation.

platformName :: PlatformID -> IO String

OpenCL name string

platformVendor :: PlatformID -> IO String

OpenCL vendor string

platformExtensions :: PlatformID -> IO [String]

OpenCL extensions. Extensions defined here are supported by all devices associated with this platform.