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A three-part screencast providing a quick tour of some of the facilities available when editing Haskell code, using Vim (a lot of this is based on simply instantiating Vim's generalized program editing support for Haskell), haskellmode for Vim, and possibly other Vim plugins.

Part I demonstrates some basics of program editing (leaving out Vim's general text editing support): syntax colouring, text folds, navigating to imported modules, generating tags file, jump to definition, open definition in split window, display lines containing keywords, haskellmode help, display/add type information, show :info, and, of course, quickfix mode:

Part II moves on to Haddock documentation lookup (identifier docs, module docs, library overview), GHC documentation lookup (users guide, flag reference), adding (qualified) imports, adding module qualifiers, making imports explicit, adding LANGUAGE or OPTIONS_GHC pragmas:

Part III concludes with some of the obligatory insert mode completions (by haddocks, by imports, by text), GHCi expression evaluation, then hints at other capabilities, such as surround.vim for managing all kinds of parens, align.vim for alignment, or vimdiff for comparing file versions: