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#83: PhaseChange class, Mutable data family
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 How receptive would you be towards a change to primitive and/or vector
 somewhere along the line of the following?

 class PhaseChange a where
     data Mutable a :: * -> *
     unsafeThaw :: a -> ST s (Mutable a s)
     unsafeFreeze :: Mutable a s -> ST s a
     copy :: Mutable a s -> ST s (Mutable a s)

 -- all of these ST s could be PrimMonad m (or MonadST m) instead
 thaw :: PhaseChange a => a -> ST s (Mutable a s)
 thaw = copy <=< unsafeThaw

 freeze :: PhaseChange a => Mutable a s -> ST s a
 freeze = unsafeFreeze <=< copy

 ...other functions, such as 'modify' from vector...

 instance PhaseChange ByteArray where
     data Mutable ByteArray s = MutableByteArray (MutableByteArray# s)

 type MutableByteArray = Mutable ByteArray

 instance PhaseChange (Array a) where
     data Mutable (Array a) s = MutableArray (MutableArray# s a)

 type MutableArray s a = Mutable (Array a) s

 -- forall Vectors
 instance PhaseChange (Vector a) where
     data Mutable (Vector a) s = MVector !(MutableArray s a) !Int !Int

 type MVector s a = Mutable (Vector a) s

 Advantages: There would be a uniform interface for interacting with types
 which can be converted between mutable and immutable forms, with
 operations available which can be defined purely in terms of it (such as
 'modify'); the various Arrays and Vectors would implement it, but relevant
 third parties would also be able to.

 Disadvantages: It would not be possible to partially apply the
 !MutableArray and MVector types. This would totally break the MVector
 class and the Mutable type family, which would have to be redesigned to
 accomodate (presumably using the new Mutable data family instead). To be
 honest I didn't realize this when I started writing, and I wouldn't be
 surprised if it's a deal breaker. An other possibility would be to have a
 separate !PhaseChange1 class for * -> * types, which I think would solve
 this problem, but didn't work so well when I last tried it for reasons I
 can't remember (albeit that was still with the MPTC formulation, see

 Motivation: I have a phasechange package on Hackage[1], which implements
 the same concept as above except currently with an MPTC and TFs with
 bidirectional equality constraints (so, basically FDs). I realized that
 the whole thing would be a lot more simple and straightforward if instead
 of the whole TFs machinery I had a simple Mutable data family like above,
 but that would require instances to adapt to the class, instead of vice
 versa like now. Hence this ticket. If vector doesn't want to adapt then I
 would have to choose between the more appealing formulation and the Vector
 instances. If by chance it does want to adapt then I can work on preparing
 a patch. (Motivation for the phasechange package: I'm slowly working on
 bindings for Qt, and its various data types would be represented on the
 Haskell side in both mutable and immutable forms, which would implement
 this interface.)

 [1] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/phasechange

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