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Tue Nov 16 05:17:33 EST 2010

#15: Add "generalised scan"
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Priority:  critical     |    Milestone:  0.8
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Comment (by choener):

 Actually, I think you have already written a bug report about that. I just
 do not know the ID. It was s.th. like have to do an extra addition with
 vector instead of just having a pointer to the current position (or s.th.
 like that?).

 Anyways, while not having found that bug, I saw that there is one with
 data families and no unpacking which means that I might have to re-check
 some of my assumptions in PrimitiveArray. If that is the case I could as
 well base them (again) on vector.

 I have to think about my backend stuff for matrices, anyway. Maybe I
 should just employ criterion and ghc7 and see what is the fastest way...

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