[NumericPrelude] renaming of modules NumericPrelude, PreludeBase, MyPrelude

Lewis-Sandy, Darrell darrelll at amgen.com
Thu Jul 29 15:54:39 EDT 2010

Sorry for the delayed reply.  Real life occasionally gets in the way of fun maths.   I wholeheartedly support this proposal.  MyPrelude always seemed a bit to non-descriptive.  

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Subject: [NumericPrelude] renaming of modules NumericPrelude, PreludeBase, MyPrelude

I'm thinking about renaming the modules NumericPrelude, PreludeBase, 
MyPrelude, because the latter two look like they could easily conflict 
with other alternative preludes (e.g. the Prelude that 
substitutes List functions by those from stream-fusion, although there is 
currently no conflict).

    exports all basic numeric methods.

    re-exports all identifiers from Prelude that do not clash with NumericPrelude.

    exports essentially NumericPrelude + PreludeBase.

How about the renaming

NumericPrelude -> NumericPrelude.Numeric
PreludeBase -> NumericPrelude.Base
MyPrelude -> NumericPrelude



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