LED tube have new prices!

Kelly Wang info at sunshinelamp.net
Sat May 2 19:01:44 BST 2015

Dear Client
Good day! This is  Sales Manager at Sunshine Lightning Industry Limited! 
Due to the growing market in LED Tube, it was necessary for us to form an alliance with our main raw material supplier to be able to supply in the bigger demand of LED Tube.
We are now in the market with cheaper pricing and good quality on our products when ordering stock directly from us.I am attaching our newest price list for your perusal:

MOQ:                    300pcs  (Price will be little higher if quantity is less than MOQ)
Delivery time:   10-15days
Warranty:           2years
We trust that the above meets with your approval for a trial testing of our products.
Looking forward to establish a working relationship with you in the promising future.
Kind Regards
Sunshine Lighting Industry Limited
Email:info at sunshinelamp.net
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