Is this project dead?

Benedikt Huber benedikt.huber at
Sun Mar 30 12:28:56 BST 2014


Danny, you are right, the version on Hackage was missing a few bug 
fixes. I've uploaded a more recent version now (0.4.3).

In general, there is no active development going on and there are very 
few bug reports, so maintenance itself is not that much of an issue. It 
would be great if there were new contributions to language-c - in 
addition to the support for Apple extensions and improvements in the 
semantic analysis that Aaron mentionened, proper support for non-ASCII 
source files is still missing. Patches are always welcome :)

I would not mind if a different language-c developer (Aaron?) wants to 
take over maintenance, as I do not plan to spend a lot of time on this 
activity.  But it should be someone who is familiar with the source and 
able to fix bugs if necessary.

cheers, benedikt

> Aaron Tomb <mailto:aarontomb at>
> 29 Mar 2014 17:25
> I wouldn’t call it dead, but there hasn’t been much activity on it 
> lately, to be sure. The base C support for parsing is pretty solid, 
> but I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to go back and 
> improve the type checker (for the statement and expression level), but 
> haven’t got to it yet. It could also use updating to process some of 
> the Apple extensions to C that occur increasingly frequently on OS X.
> Benedikt Huber is the official maintainer, though, so he’ll be the one 
> to say whether he’d like someone else to take over.
> Aaron
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> Danny Gratzer <mailto:danny.gratzer at>
> 26 Mar 2014 16:49
> Hey!
> I'm a user of language-c and noticed that it hasn't been updated in a 
> few years. Is there any interest in continuing to update this library 
> or a suitable replacement? The source repo shows someone poked it over 
> the summer but the hackage copy hasn't seen any love since 2011.
> If no one's able to step up I could potentially start maintaining this.
> Cheers,
> Danny Gratzer
> PS I suppose if this projects dead this mailing list could be as well 
> so I'll send this to Haskell-Cafe in a week if there's no response 
> from this mailing list :)
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