removing ad hoc Show instances?

Mark Tullsen tullsen at
Wed Sep 26 01:02:08 BST 2012

Hi all,

I'm brand new to the list and I thought I'd start with discussing a somewhat pervasive change I'd really like to make to language-c:

  Remove all ad hoc Show instances and replace them with deriving Show.

    (I'll forgo an excursus on the significant advantages of this and my diatribe against ad hoc Show instances.)

  The old ad hoc show code could be either
    1. dropped (but see Q2 below)
    2. moved to a new class, ConciseShow, for instance.

Two questions

  - Q1. Are people opposed-to/supportive-of this change?
  - Q2. Is functional code dependent on the Show instance definitions?
	(my suspicion is that the answer is yes, requiring us to add a new class, e.g, ConciseShow)

Other discussion?

(We are using language-c for a [another] real project here at Galois and we'd very much like to support this project, 
I *really* don't want to fork off an internal version of it :-).



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