Annotated Class

Alexander Bernauer bernauer at
Tue Jun 12 16:02:01 BST 2012


my project [1] which is based on Language.C is growing and so is my usage
of this library. I am still very glad that this library exists and I am
very impressed of its quality. Thank you!

Still, there is one thing: AFAIK the class Annotated and its instances
need to be exported from the Language.C.Syntax.AST module. Otherwise, I
don't see how one could use them and I really need them by now. I even
started to implement them myself before I stumpled upon the Annotated
type class.

Looking at [2], there are also no hyperlinks to this type class,
suggesting that it is not meant to be used by client code. Is there a
specific reason for this or has this just been forgotten?



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