Slight mistake in the documentation

Gregory Crosswhite gcrosswhite at
Mon Feb 9 23:19:50 EST 2009

Hey everyone,

First, thank you so much for creating this library!  I looked around  
at a number of parsers and this was the obvious one to choose because  
of the very nice documentation that make it very easy to see how the  
internal representation of the AST is structured.

I apologize if this is not the correct venue for this posting, but  
there is a slight mistake in the documentation.  One of your examples  
for an initialization list using array designators (just under "type  
CInitList = ...") is:

	 -- { [0], [3] = 4, [2] = 5, 8 }

However, this does not actually parse.  The correct example should be

	 -- { [0] [3] = 4, [2] = 5, 8 }

i.e., with the comma removed between [0] and [3].

I point this out because I was testing my own code's ability to  
correctly handle designators, and this mistake confused me as to what  
their proper syntax was, so it would be nice if you could fix it so  
that the next person is not confused.  :-)

Thanks again,

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