ANNOUNCE: Haskell Platform 7.10.2

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Thu Jul 30 20:08:19 BST 2015

Haskellers, we are pleased to announce the release of

Haskell Platform 7.10.2
*get it here... <>*

Highlights include:

   - GHC 7.10.2
   - packages & tools bumped to very latest
   - major package updates to:
      - attoparsec
      - case-insensitive
      - cgi
      - GLUT, GLURaw, OpenGL, & OpenGLRaw
      - mtl
      - network
      - primitive & vector
      - QuickCheck
      - random
      - syb
      - text
   - new website
   - new installer script for linux
   - 10 bugs closed: Issues · haskell/haskell-platform

This is our first release concurrent with GHC's release. You'll notice that
the version number has changed to reflect that from now on, our aim is to
keep HP releases sync'd to GHC releases.

*Note:* Haskell Platform download pages are often cached - you may need to
hit reload to see the release.

*About the last minute update to text package:*

*tl;dr: Vast majority of code will never notice the difference. Go ahead
and get the HP now and start enjoying 7.10.2 You can always update to the
point release when it comes out.*

Despite all the testing, GHC central noticed just a day before release that
there was a regression with text literals in 7.10.2. It was possible to
work around the issue via a change to the text package, and text-
was released just today. Alas, there wasn't enough time to re-build and
test the platform installers between then and now, so this release has
text- There will be a point release ( of the Platform this
weekend or next with the updated text package.

The issue does not result in incorrect code, only slow compilation times
for very text literal laden code (as in thousands of literals), and
slightly higher one-time construction cost at run-time. In full stack
builds and many other test builds, these slow downs were inconsequential.

*Windows Notes:*

The Haskell Platform on Windows now provides the MSys2 tools. These tools
are needed when installing packages that use conf-tools (generally rare).
These tools are not automatically placed onto the PATH in order avoid
troubles due to MSys2 tools which have the same name as a standard Windows
tool (e.g., echo, find, dir).

- Mark "release monad" Lentczner

Special thanks to Erik Rantappa, Wasif Hasan Baig, & Ben Gamari for the new
web site. Randy Polen for Windows build wrangling.
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