release schedule and Linux distros

Mark Lentczner mark at
Sun Jun 10 23:38:57 BST 2012

I think we're all in agreement that sync'ing against the calendars of other
distros that have similar calendar based releases is a good thing.

What we need next, to see how to do this, is the for the people who build
the HP packages for various releases to chime in with what they need when.
Pointers to Fedora's schedule give me some sense, but only the packager
knows what sort of dates that implies for them.

So - if you package up HP for a distro, tell us when your distro's next two
releases are, and for each, by what dates you'd need to see a) the package
and version list, b) the source tar ball. If there are alpha/beta/final
candidates, include that too. I'm asking for two, as it may take us two
cycles to catch up... depending.

- Mark
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