Status of Haskell Platform?

Don Stewart dons at
Thu Jun 17 13:32:06 EDT 2010

> > I think the best approach would be to keep the release timetable in
> > some pretty form linked directly
> > from the front page. A "Learn more about the HP" page or something,
> > that explains the key info: timetable,
> > how to add packages, who to contact for problems.
> Don: was there anthing wrong with the draft modifications
> I sent you in May (link to release timetable under lambdabind
> icon, a single status message below the whole group)?
> Of course, the status message would be different now
> (that is the point of having one). And if you would like
> to render the message inside the design, that is up to
> you (I'm just after having some minimal information
> directly available, and the rest easier to find).

Just extremely busy with a hard deadline at the end of this month. I
should resurface after that.

-- Don

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