Status of regex-posix on Windows?

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Thu Jun 17 04:15:15 EDT 2010

[Mikhail redirected to haskell-platform@]

Hi Chris,

>  I am the listed darcs / hackage maintainer for regex-posix.  It is true
> that I do not use it on Windows and so I do not have that setup properly.
>  Patches to enable compiling regex-posix-0.94.2 on Windows are welcome.

That darcs repo and package version are the ones I was referring to!-)

But before I look into patches, I would like to understand how
things are supposed to work. Also, others have patched already,
just not sent the patches to you, so there seems to be something
more going on.

The problems are not actually Windows-specific, it just so happens
that Windows is one OS on which one would like to use the in-package
C-library. So if you could clarify how to build the package that way,
it should also work on Windows, using mingw/msys.


-- hackage and darcs package versions

$ grep ^Version: */*/regex-posix.cabal
darcs/regex-posix/regex-posix.cabal:Version:                0.94.2
hackage/regex-posix-0.94.2/regex-posix.cabal:Version:                0.94.2

$ cat darcs/regex-posix/_darcs/prefs/repos

-- hackage version is missing cbits etc

$ diff -r darcs/regex-posix/ hackage/regex-posix-0.94.2/
Only in darcs/regex-posix/: Makefile
Only in darcs/regex-posix/: _darcs
Only in darcs/regex-posix/: aclocal.m4
Only in darcs/regex-posix/: cbits
Only in darcs/regex-posix/:
Only in darcs/regex-posix/:
Only in darcs/regex-posix/: include
Only in darcs/regex-posix/:
Only in darcs/regex-posix/: prologue.txt
diff -r darcs/regex-posix/regex-posix.cabal
<       Build-Depends:      regex-base >= 0.93, base >= 4, array,
    containers, bytestring
>       Build-Depends: regex-base >= 0.93, base >= 4 && < 5, array,
    containers, bytestring

-- two Build-Types, neither configure?
$ grep Build-Type darcs/regex-posix/regex-posix.cabal
Build-Type:             Custom
Build-Type:             Simple

-- no Custom/Configure here, either
$ cat darcs/regex-posix/Setup.hs
import Distribution.Simple
main = defaultMain

-- is this still supposed to work?
$ head -1 darcs/regex-posix/
AC_INIT([Haskell regex-posix package], [0.71],
    [TextRegexLazy at], [regex-posix])

-- Makefiles date back to when regex-posix was built within GHC
$ find darcs/regex-posix/ -name Makefile | xargs grep TOP
darcs/regex-posix/cbits/Makefile:TOP = ../..
darcs/regex-posix/cbits/Makefile:include $(TOP)/mk/
darcs/regex-posix/cbits/Makefile:include $(TOP)/mk/
darcs/regex-posix/Makefile:TOP = ..
darcs/regex-posix/Makefile:include $(TOP)/mk/
darcs/regex-posix/Makefile:include $(TOP)/mk/


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