relationship between libraries mailing list and this list

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Sat May 9 15:17:44 EDT 2009


Here's how we see the distinction between this mailing list and the
libraries list:

        The libraries list represents the authority of the community.
        The libraries list is for policy questions where we need
        community authority for decisions.

        The platform list is the home of the doers, the platform release
        team. The platform list is to discuss operational issues and to
        organise releases.

Something that we've not yet worked out is if we should expect package
maintainers to be on this list or if that's going to be too high traffic
we could have a dedicated list for communication between the platform
release team and package maintainers. The argument for another list
would be so maintainers are always kept aware of important dates but so
that we do not flood them with too much detail. On the other hand, lots
of mailing lists is a pain. Something to think about.


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