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#28: Always create uninstaller
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 What I think we should do is provide an "express mode" that doesn't
 confuse the users with so many choices. So basically, the installer will
 have three modes: express (the default), which doesn't ask any questions
 and just performs the standard install; "just unpack"; and "customize",
 which lets you pick options. I can also probably fix the uninstaller so
 that it doesn't require storing $INSTDIR in registry (part of #19); in
 that case the uninstaller will be created even in the "just unpack" mode.

 I agree that installer actions should be better documented (#36).

 > If the uninstaller works as it should, users affected by this should be
 able to restore their system by running the uninstaller

 So you want the installer to save the previous state of the PATH variable?
 What if it gets altered during the time the Haskell Platform was still
 installed? Then PATH will be overwritten with the old value by the

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