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Thu May 7 12:06:36 EDT 2009

#25: Installer sets(!) the path instead of properly appending
 Reporter:  torsten.kemps-benedix at sks-ub.de  |        Owner:  refold  
     Type:  defect                           |       Status:  assigned
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Component:  Windows installer                |   Resolution:          
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Comment (by claus):

 Permanently messing up the PATH is a serious issue, yet the download page
 still doesn't show even a warning! Please fix that first, unless the
 updated installer already exists.

 Could you read PATH directly and check for error status before setting it?

 The comments I see in that NSIS page make me doubt that NSIS is a wise
 choice, btw
 (certainly those scripts are dubious). They are aware of the issue, but
 only offer a warning in the docs, rather than a guard in the code that
 would avoid the erroneous setting. They've decided that any attempt to set
 an environment variable should also lead to some cleanup (suggesting that
 their code would fail on valid, but non-cleaned PATHs), as well as moving
 the added path to the front or back of PATH (instead of preserving the
 order if the entry already exists).

 Btw, it might be useful if the download page automatically listed the
 active ticket numbers for each installer.

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