[haskell-platform] #31: Automatically bring cabal packages forward with Platform install?

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Wed May 6 16:45:14 EDT 2009

#31: Automatically bring cabal packages forward with Platform install?
 Reporter:  jgbailey at gmail.com  |       Owner:  dons
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 Before installing the Haskell Platform, I had several versions of GHC
 installed, each with their own associated libraries. That was more by
 accident than on purpose, as I had not uninistalled older version of GHC.

 Regardless, when I installed the platform, I had to install all those
 cabal packages again. That might get annoying if each new release of the
 Haskell platform requires me to rebuild my environment.

 Note that I am talking about cabal packages that do NOT come with the
 Platform. I recognize Platform-included packages will be upgraded
 automatically by each install.

 Note that I installed on Windows XP, but I don't think this is a OS-
 specific issue.

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